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 To look into history of IQ Radiant Heated Glass it is necesarly to look to the glss technology as a whole. Glass is known to people for about 55 centuries. The oldest glass found in Egypt. In India, Korea, Japan found glassware, whose age is dates to 2000 BC. There is a lot of theories about the origin of glass and here are some of them:
Handmade glass was discovered accidentally, as a by-product of other crafts. Glassy mass formed during the combustion ash (lye) at high contact with sand.



Others believe the glass byproduct of copper smelting. Syria was one of the first places where the glass was manufactured (in another version it was the north-west of Iran), and Phoenician traders were selling glass products in all Mediterranean countries.

In any case, the invention is glass in 2200 BC. e. fell into the list of the most significant discoveries in the history of the evolution of materials.

Large part of the craft developed by Romans, who were the first to make thin window glass. Art glass famous in Venice. In the 13th century numerous glass factories moved from Venice to the neighboring island of Murano. Italian Murano to date - the center piece of manufacturing glass products by hand.


In XVI-century glass has produced throughout Europe. It is now widely known for its beauty of Bohemian glass, manufactured in the Czech Republic. Further, with the invention of an Englishman George Ravenkroft in 1674 a new method of producing crystal was obtained by a qualitative composition of the glass than the Italian masters.

Ravenkroft replaced potassium oxide high concentrations of lead and got a glass with high light reflectance. The main countries producing high-quality crystal tableware made of glass with a high lead content become Sweden and Ireland.

Only at the end of the XIX century glassmaking craft was to grow into a mass industrial production and became the subject of daily life.In 1931 first heated glass begun appear in cars. Later on it was widly used in WW2 on airplanes.
SIncel 1960 heated radiant glass evolved and was used to heat and protect glass roofs and efore recent years it was used in retail to protect windows on freezers from frost.

Heated glass now more and more used in residential buildings.


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